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Ryan R. Gagne Landscaping Co. has modern commercial mowing equipment capable of mulching, side discharge or collection. Properties are typically mowed on a weekly basis during the height of the growing season, to promote a healthy, vigorous lawn. Areas incapable of being mowed are string trimmed, and the clippings mulched, blown, or collected for a manicured look.

Power Aeration & Dethatching
Dethatching removes harmful thatch build-up that can prevent water and vital nutrients from reaching the soil. Dethach your lawn early in the season and get a head-start on your neighbor! Ryan R. Gagne Landscaping Co. offers the best option in aeration. A power AERA-vator eliminates unsightly cores, and fractures hard, dry soil without irrigation. Driven tines vibrate in a oscillating motion, penetrating the soil & relieving compaction. The result is improved soil permeability and drainage, and the creation of openings for root growth, and absorption of water, air, and nutrients.


Lawn and Shrub Care

The lawn care service that Gagne Landscaping provides. We can provide landscaping, tree care, shrub care, and lawns need to grow it lush and green. You need reliable professionals who can provide this care that you can trust.


Tree and Shrub Pruning

You want it to look good when you're done. Not cutting enough out can mean more work for in the upcoming year.




Serving from Northern Massachusetts to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire


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