Retaining Walls, Walkway's and Patio's


Your walkway and walls goes beyond curb appeal. It is a personal invitation to those who come to call.


Brick Walkways

A wide variety of colors and patterns allow the designer maximum creativity. Whether a traditional 4" x 8" brick or a modular contemporary stone is required, clay brick or concrete pavers fit the bill. We will also help you select a color and pattern that complements your home. What is more significant than paver color and style is the base construction. 


Retaining Walls

Did you know that retaining walls have been proven to increase property value ? That's because they are a great way to gain space where land would otherwise be unusable. Retaining walls are quite possibly the most complex and difficult component of any landscape installation. A retaining wall is a structure that is intended to hold back, or retain soil and earth. It is therefore imperative to properly plan, design, and execute the construction to ensure the wall will function properly, safely, and remain intact for a lifetime. Our staff is well trained and experienced in the construction of many different styles of retaining walls, including concrete segmented retaining walls (SRW), dry stacked stone walls, boulder style walls, masonry walls, and more.


Brick Patios

Patios lends itself to a wide array of material choices and designs, and we pride ourselves in our ability to create artful creations with many different materials. Product offerings range from several selections of natural stone to manufactured concrete pavers. Regardless of your choice of material, the final result of your walkway or patio will unequaled in quality with remarkable uniqueness and beauty.




Serving from Northern Massachusetts to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire


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